September 13, 2009

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I have registered to hold a Girls Night In for the Cancer Council to raise much needed funds for research and support services in Women’s Cancers. Click on the link above to visit my personal page to find out more and donate!
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August 30, 2009

Been Awhile...

Hello to all my Friends who follow my Blog,

I will start my tale about 4 weeks ago... not long after my last post!
I became sick with a chest infection... fevers of 39oC for 3 days, felt like crap! My friend text me to cancel a lunch date because her Hubby was in hospital with Swine flu... that was when I high-tailed myself to the doctor - only a Chest infection! Thankfully!

Caught up with Maria, for a couple of hours when she made a brief trip to Adelaide! Then a couple of days later I got to Catch up with Donna, Wendy, Sue, Kathryn, Maria and Trish, when they came down for the 'Scrap Booking Fair' ... Which wasn't all that great I might add - but I did manage to buy some stuff from the 'Seriously Scrapbooking' stall, Nice stamp, distress ink and some angel mist! Then on to Camelot's which was fun... especially Trish's show and tell to keep us amused whilst we waited and waited and waited for our turn at the checkout! Then we had lunch at Mino's one of my FAVORITE places to eat!!! so it was a lovely lovely day! (But it did have a little bit of a 'dark cloud' over it 'cos had news my friend in hospital had taken a turn for the worse - so that was ALWAYS there on the back of my mind! But time spent with friends made that day a whole lot easier! Thanks Guys) Oh yeah and we went out to lunch cos it was my Birthday the next day! AND A BIG THANKYOU for my gift voucher for 'Camelot' too gals!
Next day was my Birthday which I might add was a 'NON-EVENT'... worried for Paul in hospital and very worried for his wife Mel and how she was going to cope if something were to happen to Paul... Craig was at work all day and out all night... didn't even get a card from him or the Kids!!! Just cos he doesn't like BIRTHDAYS doesn't mean everyone doesn't!!! Bit unhappy with him about that!!!

The next day I was greeted by the fact that Paul had passed away... :( spent most of the day on the phone to other friends and crying... as you would expect! The very bright spark in my day was the postwoman bought me a parcel from COCO for my Birthday... and it made me laugh which was MAGNIFICENT! AND her card was SUPERB, LOVELY AND FANTASTIC!!! But that is her isn't it girls? So from then on I have been hibernating, crying and getting distracted on Facebook!!! That has been a GODSEND!

I spent last Friday cooking and baking for Mel and her family, then the Funeral was Wednesday just past... VERY VERY VERY SAD!!! Went to the pub afterwards with a mishmash of people from the funeral - some I haven't seen in 15 years! And got very TIDDLY on 2 glasses of wine... hadn't eaten ALL day... to the point my mate Scott bought me hot chips - with garlic Aioli - YUM! Then we went to visit Mel before we went to my in-laws for a late dinner! Thankfully they picked girl's up from Childcare, school and kindy... got home at 9:30pm 'twas a LONG DAY!

Life is moving on now and I am trying to get back into my normal routine after the rough few weeks I have had... Gym tomorrow after a 3 week absence... I think I might just go on the Cross-trainer, don't reckon my unfit body is up to a 'Body Attack' class.....

Well this is my piece of advice for everyone after this very sombre post:

"Don't let a tragedy cause you to re-evaluate your life! Don't let a tragedy make you remember what is most important in life! Live your life and enjoy every day because as cliche as this is life is a gift and you have to make each day count! Nobody knows when their last may be! So stop thinking 'what if' it doesn't get you anywhere... Communicate with the one's you care about! Don't get stuck in a rut and let months pass before you catch up with people... the house is too untidy to have people is not an excuse... So what, does that really matter? In the big scheme of things, housework and mundane life things don't count it is how much we love and how much we care and what we can do for others and what others do for you that counts! Not I can't come for coffee cos the floors need washing! We need each other... clean houses are just a bonus! Love one another and treat people how you want to be treated... oh I think I have heard that somewhere before!"

Love you all!

July 28, 2009

We're Back....

Well HELLO everyone.... Long time no Technology!

We are BACK... It was a quick 4 weeks and JAM packed with things to see! We travelled 8223km and I managed to take 1012 photos! Well i wont tell you all the details at once I will spread it over the next week or 3... don't worry I won't post ALL my photos!!!

We started our trip at 6:04pm on Friday the of June and headed to Burra - where we stayed with my sister-in-law for the night. We did this so we could get an early and head start!

Fully Loaded and ready to go 9am Burra (no we aren't on a slope I had to take it on an angle to fit it all in):

Amelia enjoying a Milkshake at 'Bell's Milk Bar' in Broken Hill, it opened in the 50's and hasn't changed since it opened, they make their own syrups and they are very Yummy - my favourite is a 'White Night' Spearmint and Chocolate!:

When I first started going camping 20 years ago I would do a Bush Wee but not 2's I would hang on til a public toilet - BUT now I am quite happy to dig a hole! LOL:

This is our accommodation for our 2nd Night - Bush camp at 8 Mile Creek somewhere between Packsaddle and Broken Hill - Nice Sunrise!

Self-portrait of Craig Myself and Chelsea (Don't you love Craig's Hat he looks like he has hair):

Amelia didn't stay clean long she found the DIRT very early on in the trip!:

The Creek bed we camped next too... I love creek beds they are very picturesque!

Well that's all for now... Stay tuned for the next installment!!!
Love Me

June 8, 2009

Never Ever Leave.....

Never ever leave... a two year old alone, unsupervised for 5 minutes when there is a permanent marker in the vicinity!!!
She was very very pleased with her achievements!!!
However, I wasn't.... I had no idea how to get it off!!! So out with the metho!?!? It was all I could think of. So, tissue, metho wipe OMG... it just smudged it AND spread it! It took many tissues and I ran out of metho before I finished... So she was left with a big grey bruise like smudge over most of her tummy!
She has child care the next day! Lucky they know she has a love for drawing all over herself!!! LOL
Need I say More!!!
Loves ya all
p.s. Yes i must apologise when I took the photos i did not notice the snot running out of her nose... It is such a commmon thing I am blind to it... he he he!

May 17, 2009

New Blogspot!!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Just For Your Information....

Here is the address for my new blogspot. It is the site where you can see any new information, promotions and my creative ideas for the "Stampin' Up" range of rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies!

So save it to your bloglists and check it out! There isn't much there yet but keep your eye on it!

May 15, 2009


This is a picture of a sunset taken on Frecinet Penninsula the very last night we were camping in Tassie...It's my favourite!! I just thought I would share because I just worked out how to put photo's on my blog!

May 8, 2009

Where has all the time gone!

Well HI There Everyone!

Where has April and May for that matter gone???
I didn't think I have been that busy but I suppose I have been!
Beginning of April started with a fun trip to Naracoorte for Kathryn's Birthday and my first workshop! I had Good Time!
Then it was off to Melbourne for Easter! had a fabulous time there catching up with Old friends! We went 4WD on the Saturday and I EVEN drove through a huge Muddy boggy hole TWICE!!! got bogged the second time but it was sooo fun! My friend Nic got it on video! So evidence does exist somewhere! Must get her to download it onto facebook! WOO HOO!

Then it was School holidays, Chelsea's 4th Birthday, Sarah's 8th Birthday and back to school! Phew!!! But then it was MAY!!!! Off to Naracoorte again for 2 workshops! But I got to catch up with a lot of people which was sooooo nice to see all (most) of my friends even if it was only briefly!!!

Now I have the rest of may to look forward too! Catching up with Donna, 'The budding Artist' (her canvas is fantastic!) next Friday which will be great... haven't had a catch up since we went to Naracoorte beginning of April! And if we can Wrangle it I will catch up with my dear Coco when she comes to Adelaide... hopefully we can take a trip to "Camelot's"! Better SAVE my MONEY!!!! Also, Sue will be in town soon and I really would be honored if she comes and stays! That would also be a big Highlight to May!!!

Well hopefully I won't be soooo long between blogs!!!

So until next time, stay happy, healthy and loved!


April 17, 2009

Wanting to twit on twitter!

Had a quick read of some bloggs... I have been busy busy busy since kathryn's! Noted Sue joined twitter so I did too! Who else is a twit? so i can follow you! Just another website to find my way around!

March 28, 2009

My Life

Well since my last blog.... I have had a good week!

It started with a Catch up with COCO!!! And as normal a planned 'early nite' ended up a 3:15am morning departure! I was shattered the next day!!! The night before my catch up was a LATE one too!!! But it was worth EVERY exhausting minute cos we just can't do it every week now!

The Following few days was normal... Gym, kids, WASHING ETC.... Yay Thursday arrived.... and I started the day before the sun was up and went for a walk/jog... then went to Camelots to pick up some bits and pieces! Then went and spent the afternoon volunteering at the Community Centre!

I haven't blogged this little bit about my life! Every Thursday I go along to the Local Community Centre and help out with the Adult Literacy Group (which is a lot of English as a Second Language stuff... One week the little girls go to care and I demonstrate cooking of some description, the other week I take the little girls, and one of the student cooks... Last week we had 'Kim Bap' which is Korean Sushi Y . U . M !!! This Thursday I did 'Quesadillas' (Mexican toasted sangers) and Fudge Frosted Brownies... They LOVE ME! Then my long awaited child free 'regular day off' Friday finally arrived.

Went to Step... got hot and sweaty!!! Went out for coffee after with those girls... Did some hectic running around running errands for Craig's Big Sausage Sizzle (that is today) fundraising for the scout jamboree... then got to town went ahhhh! sat down and had my haircut!

Then i went up to Donna's and spent a few precious, relaxing hours with her... Loved the Lasagne Donna! Must not leave it so long next time! Home again home again Jiggity jigg!

Up early again today... Sausage Sizzle! Been home this arvo, fluffing about organising myself with folders and pens and paper and stuff for my long awaited, eagerly anticipated, looking forward too, but slightly anxious about VERY FIRST OFFICIAL 'STAMPIN' UP' WORKSHOP AT KATHRYN'S NEXT WEEKEND! Hopefully it will be great and I won't disappoint!

So until next time I blog...

March 18, 2009

Technology makes me want to scream sometimes!!!

Good Evening fellow blogsters

Well I am getting really really annoyed with technology tonight!!!

I have just tried to leave comments on Coco's blog and Kathryn's but every time I have to type in my password... It keeps telling me I have the incorrect password.... AARRGGGHHH!!!!

Yet I can log-in to my blog and sign in to create this POST but I can't leave comments with it I AM ABSOLUTELY ANNOYED!!!

So Kathryn : Good on you for taking up some more study! And whoa... Philosophy that's heavy stuff!!! Good luck!!!

Coco: You made my mouth water with that tale of your childhood... You should write an autobiography.... Truly!!!

Which makes me want to comment on something I realised about myself just the other day... "By saying I CAN'T since my early childhood and being to afraid of what others think as a child and adolescent, has stopped me from achieving sooo much! My new mantra is "I CAN & I WILL" achieve what I want to do...

With that food for thought I will say

Goodnight! Mwa

March 12, 2009

Hello All My Blogg Friends

Well here is yet another sad (slightly selfish) story about the victorian bushfires! About a month ago I bid on and won a pair of very nice Red (my favourite colour) sling back high heels on Ebay! so I promptly paid for them and waited in anticipation for them to arrive!

After about 10 days I started to get annoyed (only a little). So I checked my pay pal transaction and it had gone 'unclaimed'. So then I was curious!!! So I checked where the item was... Bendigo Victoria! Then I started to worry... NOT about my shoes but about the seller's welfare! My next step was to contact the seller... So I sent her a message via E-mail! After no response from that I was very concerned... so I contacted E-bay! They told me to contact the seller... (and how to go about getting their contact information)...

I received an email from ebay with her details... but believe it or not couldn't bring myself to call her!

Eventually, I did call the number... only to be told, "Please check the number you are calling... this number cannot be connected..." I felt sick!

I have drawn the conclusion that my shoes have been destroyed... but I pray that the seller has only lost her possessions and not her life!!!

I have since contacted ebay and paypal and my order was automatically cancelled after 30days that the money went unclaimed! As much as I loved those shoes... I am happy to go barefoot if only the seller is safe!

So I suppose the 'moral' to this story is even though something as devistating as a horrific bushfire a fair way from home... can still impact you on a personal level! Even if it is an insignificant pair of shoes!!!

So for all those who pray... pray for my seller her name was Courtney... and everyone else affected by the fire! IF you don't pray light a candle in memory of those who fell during the fires and for all those left homeless and for all those people who are helping get those people back on their feet!

Also do me a favour and tell the ones you love that you love them... or give them a cuddle or something loving... We never ever know when our lives will end or when something devistating may happen... SO MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT!!!

Sorry for this little bit of sadness! But lets find the silver lining... even if it is to make our life more fullfilling and happy!


February 27, 2009

What a Week!

WELL fellow blog writers, HELLO THERE....

What a week or two have I had... Well not that exciting during the weekdays BUT last weekend was filled with friends and laughter! Friday Craig and I went to Naracoorte for the TAFE Graduation Dinner... Nice night EXCELLENT baked Lemon Meringue Cheesecake!!!! DIVINE... Apart from the cheesecake it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and have a child FREE day, evening, night and day... YAY!!!! A whole night sleep without little visitors!!! ALWAYS a welcome event! Thanks Maria for letting us stay at your place... The journey to and from naracoorte... Bliss... no fighting, whinging, whining, bored girls!

The week leading up to the trip I received my kit but didn't get the opportunity to have a good look....But on the Saturday Night after we got home I did just that... I spent the whole night assembling my stamps and watching "JAWS"... Then it was Sunday...

Donna got to my house round 9:45am and we headed off to the scrap booking and stamping fair, where we met up with: Sue, Jane, Kathryn and Trish... The best part of the day for me was taking those girls to 'Camelot Studios'... I think it is one of the BEST shops for paper craft supplies!!!! It just goes on and on with every nook and cranny ready to explore!!! Kathryn cracked me up we went to the shed to look at paper and all I could hear was Kathryn saying "OOH Susie look at this!" and various "oohs and arhhs!" I think it is safe to say that little excursion was worth it!!!

Then Ikea... Got My Kitchen Clock... Finally! Then after one very fun filled... full day it was time to go home! That night, after spending the night before assembling my stamps, I finally got to play with my new stamps! I must say I was very impressed by the "Stampin' Scrub" and "mist" Makes cleaning stamps very easy with less mess and NO wipes necessary!!! LOVE IT!

Then I placed my very first order... after a couple of practice runs... Yay! Now I am diligently waiting for the postman to bring it... I reckon it should be here Monday or Tuesday!

Went to the 'Caravan & Camping Show' yesterday and bought a shuttle chef... What's that I hear you say? Well it is made by "Thermos" and it is basically an non-electrical slow cooker! You cook up and simmer your food for a few minutes, pop it into the outer cooker shut the lid and come back in a few hours and dinner is cooked.... We have been thinking of getting one for ages. It will make dinner and breakfast (wake up to hot porridge) so much easier when camping! I hope! I made a rice pudding last night and it is yummy. I have got a casserole and vegies on for tonight! Bit more prep in morning... but if we get into camp later than planned at least we will have dinner waiting! Then clean up cook up porridge and hot breaky in the morning!

I hope I can get to play with my new stash some time today! By the way peoples I have got a retired list of stampin up products! Lots of stuff being farewelled... Only availiable until 31st march unless sold out earlier!!!


February 16, 2009

The importance of Honest FRIENDS

Hi there everyone!!!

Well I just had a grat E-mail from a friend!

I just reminds and confirms to one that a true friendship will let you say what you feel and think - either good bad or indifferent - and that friend if they are a true friend is honest back in their reply! And they still love you!!!

A true friend can withstand honesty... and be honest! Can laugh and cry with you! And can be their very best and their very worst with you! I appriciate that in all my friends... both close & not so close friends!

If you can't be honest and your true self with a person you have to ask is this person a true friend!

Sure we do hurt one another occasionally, or give advice when its not needed, or we are bossy, or complain and whinge a lot, sometimes Bitch or Gossip about someone - BUT in the end it boils down to who we are, we wouldn't be human if we didn't do these things and we wouldn't be honest with our selves either.

But True and Honest friendships can withstand all this and more!!!

That doesn't mean we deliberately try to hurt or bitch or gossip about people - but that is human nature...

We all come from different walks of life and we all have different life experiences - it is these things good and bad that makes us... us! Who would we be otherwise! And if you can say, "This person is my friend!" One accepts this person warts and all!

Well this is all so DEEP and meaningful for this time of the day... It is usually about midnight that I get this way!

I hope I haven't bored you ( or think i bitch or gossip about you)... That is certainly not the point!

Amazing what one e-mail can bring forth isn't it!

Just so you all KNOW I appriciate your friendship & love you all (warts and all)!!!

This isn't a mwa moment more of a BIG HUG moment so...

BIG HUG to all my friends.

February 14, 2009

Itching to get crafty!

Well my blog girls...

I have gone through my kit. Woo Hoo! now I feel a little overwhelmed with my options... Which stamp do I use first??? What technique do I do first??? I have chalks now and blend it pens which I have never used before... Hmmm! What colour paper quite a few to choose from? I need some time to just sit and organise and sort and create... i need organisation before I get messy... I am sure if not all most of you can relate to that! Yes Kathryn will do a demmo for you...not sure when but soon, will contact you soon when I have organised myself more!!!

All you lovely ladies would have received an email today... don't feel pressured... I wanted to get sending and writing an email practice and it is sort of impromptu! But I am excited !

Well you all take care of yourselves til next I catch up!!!

Luvs ya all!

February 12, 2009


This is just a quick little blog to all my fellow bloggers....

Today in the mail I received my.... "STAMPIN' UP" DEMONSTRAORS KIT!!!

Haven't opened the box yet I want to wait until the kids are in bed so I can truly enjoy the experience!!! HE HE HE... Sure am excited though!

Guess I will Have to get making so i can do a demo!!!! Anyone interested in coming to my first demo or haveing one!!!!

Happy happy Joy Joy!!!!

February 10, 2009

Very happy with latest EBAY wins

Well Hi there everyone in Blog land!

In the last couple of days I have been shopping on EBAY and was very excited to find a pair of Red Slingback High heels in my Size (11)! They look so cool (not the cold sort of cool). So I put on a bid and won them at $19.51! I find it very hard to find shoes that are nice and in my size!!! Thanks very much Amelia... You changed mummy's Feet!

The other purchases where 2 handbags! One is a dinky little limegreen beaded evening number! Very Different - it makes a statement thats for sure! The other one can't describe as well... but it has a long strap and it is made out of a pretty snow leopard and pink rose printed fabric... Can't wait to actually lay my hands on it!

Slowly over the last couple of days I have had a couple of other things come... A sixpence for next years Christmas Pud (have lost most of mine so topping up the supply)... A stamp set that I am going to put in a box for the girls so that they have their own stash and won't touch mine!!! A grey and silver top which looks nice on but will feel more comfortable in it when I have lost a couple more Kilos! Might wear it to the Tafe Grad dinner in a couple of weeks!

Still waiting for a mystery box of scrapbooking stuff... that should be here soon!

Well thats about all I have to say! Except I better be a good girl and stay off ebay for about a month... I have blown my ebay budget!




February 6, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!... I now have a blog! My dear darling Donna has sat here with me the last two hours and assisted me in setting up my Blog! Fanx donna... mwa!

So we now have a comupter, I have become a member on face book, have an e-mail address and have purchased on ebay!!! As Kathryn said, "Welcome to the 21st Century!" So I am very excited 'cos now I can keep in touch with everyone and everyone's news!

I haven't been up to much as I have glued my bum to the chair and been either on the internet (and when my gig ran out) or playing hearts... inbetween looking after the kids, going to the gym and sleeping!

Well Ta Ta for now, keep healthy, happy and smilin' til my next post (see i am begining to learn the lingo!) LOL... mwa