July 28, 2009

We're Back....

Well HELLO everyone.... Long time no Technology!

We are BACK... It was a quick 4 weeks and JAM packed with things to see! We travelled 8223km and I managed to take 1012 photos! Well i wont tell you all the details at once I will spread it over the next week or 3... don't worry I won't post ALL my photos!!!

We started our trip at 6:04pm on Friday the of June and headed to Burra - where we stayed with my sister-in-law for the night. We did this so we could get an early and head start!

Fully Loaded and ready to go 9am Burra (no we aren't on a slope I had to take it on an angle to fit it all in):

Amelia enjoying a Milkshake at 'Bell's Milk Bar' in Broken Hill, it opened in the 50's and hasn't changed since it opened, they make their own syrups and they are very Yummy - my favourite is a 'White Night' Spearmint and Chocolate!:

When I first started going camping 20 years ago I would do a Bush Wee but not 2's I would hang on til a public toilet - BUT now I am quite happy to dig a hole! LOL:

This is our accommodation for our 2nd Night - Bush camp at 8 Mile Creek somewhere between Packsaddle and Broken Hill - Nice Sunrise!

Self-portrait of Craig Myself and Chelsea (Don't you love Craig's Hat he looks like he has hair):

Amelia didn't stay clean long she found the DIRT very early on in the trip!:

The Creek bed we camped next too... I love creek beds they are very picturesque!

Well that's all for now... Stay tuned for the next installment!!!
Love Me


  1. Great pictures honey...And yes you would have to drag me kicking and screaming before I would dig a hole...Yes, you are a better person than me! Xx

  2. HI there Sahron,
    Welcome back. I couldn't imagine digging a hole again. I went camping and did that once. I am still traumatized by the experience. I think you are very , very brave. I am glad you are home safely and back to reality I guess. Have you got any workshops to do? Keep going with your business see ya xxx mwa cocolicious

  3. glad you had good time (minus the car dramas) great pics, can't wait to see the rest.