June 8, 2009

Never Ever Leave.....

Never ever leave... a two year old alone, unsupervised for 5 minutes when there is a permanent marker in the vicinity!!!
She was very very pleased with her achievements!!!
However, I wasn't.... I had no idea how to get it off!!! So out with the metho!?!? It was all I could think of. So, tissue, metho wipe OMG... it just smudged it AND spread it! It took many tissues and I ran out of metho before I finished... So she was left with a big grey bruise like smudge over most of her tummy!
She has child care the next day! Lucky they know she has a love for drawing all over herself!!! LOL
Need I say More!!!
Loves ya all
p.s. Yes i must apologise when I took the photos i did not notice the snot running out of her nose... It is such a commmon thing I am blind to it... he he he!


  1. well sharon, greenn and black always goes....oh you poor thing. what a mess.i would have needed a valium after that. did you laugh, i gasped. yes i know slightly anally retentive. Good 21 st photo tho.... Well my lovely , put the pens up reallly high now Mummy... Yes in the cupboard above the fridge. zxx coco

  2. Well......At least she's an artist like her mum!! LOVE these photo's!!!!

  3. Second time lucky trying to post, I hope.
    She is still cute, even with black texta and snot,lol.