August 30, 2009

Been Awhile...

Hello to all my Friends who follow my Blog,

I will start my tale about 4 weeks ago... not long after my last post!
I became sick with a chest infection... fevers of 39oC for 3 days, felt like crap! My friend text me to cancel a lunch date because her Hubby was in hospital with Swine flu... that was when I high-tailed myself to the doctor - only a Chest infection! Thankfully!

Caught up with Maria, for a couple of hours when she made a brief trip to Adelaide! Then a couple of days later I got to Catch up with Donna, Wendy, Sue, Kathryn, Maria and Trish, when they came down for the 'Scrap Booking Fair' ... Which wasn't all that great I might add - but I did manage to buy some stuff from the 'Seriously Scrapbooking' stall, Nice stamp, distress ink and some angel mist! Then on to Camelot's which was fun... especially Trish's show and tell to keep us amused whilst we waited and waited and waited for our turn at the checkout! Then we had lunch at Mino's one of my FAVORITE places to eat!!! so it was a lovely lovely day! (But it did have a little bit of a 'dark cloud' over it 'cos had news my friend in hospital had taken a turn for the worse - so that was ALWAYS there on the back of my mind! But time spent with friends made that day a whole lot easier! Thanks Guys) Oh yeah and we went out to lunch cos it was my Birthday the next day! AND A BIG THANKYOU for my gift voucher for 'Camelot' too gals!
Next day was my Birthday which I might add was a 'NON-EVENT'... worried for Paul in hospital and very worried for his wife Mel and how she was going to cope if something were to happen to Paul... Craig was at work all day and out all night... didn't even get a card from him or the Kids!!! Just cos he doesn't like BIRTHDAYS doesn't mean everyone doesn't!!! Bit unhappy with him about that!!!

The next day I was greeted by the fact that Paul had passed away... :( spent most of the day on the phone to other friends and crying... as you would expect! The very bright spark in my day was the postwoman bought me a parcel from COCO for my Birthday... and it made me laugh which was MAGNIFICENT! AND her card was SUPERB, LOVELY AND FANTASTIC!!! But that is her isn't it girls? So from then on I have been hibernating, crying and getting distracted on Facebook!!! That has been a GODSEND!

I spent last Friday cooking and baking for Mel and her family, then the Funeral was Wednesday just past... VERY VERY VERY SAD!!! Went to the pub afterwards with a mishmash of people from the funeral - some I haven't seen in 15 years! And got very TIDDLY on 2 glasses of wine... hadn't eaten ALL day... to the point my mate Scott bought me hot chips - with garlic Aioli - YUM! Then we went to visit Mel before we went to my in-laws for a late dinner! Thankfully they picked girl's up from Childcare, school and kindy... got home at 9:30pm 'twas a LONG DAY!

Life is moving on now and I am trying to get back into my normal routine after the rough few weeks I have had... Gym tomorrow after a 3 week absence... I think I might just go on the Cross-trainer, don't reckon my unfit body is up to a 'Body Attack' class.....

Well this is my piece of advice for everyone after this very sombre post:

"Don't let a tragedy cause you to re-evaluate your life! Don't let a tragedy make you remember what is most important in life! Live your life and enjoy every day because as cliche as this is life is a gift and you have to make each day count! Nobody knows when their last may be! So stop thinking 'what if' it doesn't get you anywhere... Communicate with the one's you care about! Don't get stuck in a rut and let months pass before you catch up with people... the house is too untidy to have people is not an excuse... So what, does that really matter? In the big scheme of things, housework and mundane life things don't count it is how much we love and how much we care and what we can do for others and what others do for you that counts! Not I can't come for coffee cos the floors need washing! We need each other... clean houses are just a bonus! Love one another and treat people how you want to be treated... oh I think I have heard that somewhere before!"

Love you all!