March 28, 2009

My Life

Well since my last blog.... I have had a good week!

It started with a Catch up with COCO!!! And as normal a planned 'early nite' ended up a 3:15am morning departure! I was shattered the next day!!! The night before my catch up was a LATE one too!!! But it was worth EVERY exhausting minute cos we just can't do it every week now!

The Following few days was normal... Gym, kids, WASHING ETC.... Yay Thursday arrived.... and I started the day before the sun was up and went for a walk/jog... then went to Camelots to pick up some bits and pieces! Then went and spent the afternoon volunteering at the Community Centre!

I haven't blogged this little bit about my life! Every Thursday I go along to the Local Community Centre and help out with the Adult Literacy Group (which is a lot of English as a Second Language stuff... One week the little girls go to care and I demonstrate cooking of some description, the other week I take the little girls, and one of the student cooks... Last week we had 'Kim Bap' which is Korean Sushi Y . U . M !!! This Thursday I did 'Quesadillas' (Mexican toasted sangers) and Fudge Frosted Brownies... They LOVE ME! Then my long awaited child free 'regular day off' Friday finally arrived.

Went to Step... got hot and sweaty!!! Went out for coffee after with those girls... Did some hectic running around running errands for Craig's Big Sausage Sizzle (that is today) fundraising for the scout jamboree... then got to town went ahhhh! sat down and had my haircut!

Then i went up to Donna's and spent a few precious, relaxing hours with her... Loved the Lasagne Donna! Must not leave it so long next time! Home again home again Jiggity jigg!

Up early again today... Sausage Sizzle! Been home this arvo, fluffing about organising myself with folders and pens and paper and stuff for my long awaited, eagerly anticipated, looking forward too, but slightly anxious about VERY FIRST OFFICIAL 'STAMPIN' UP' WORKSHOP AT KATHRYN'S NEXT WEEKEND! Hopefully it will be great and I won't disappoint!

So until next time I blog...

March 18, 2009

Technology makes me want to scream sometimes!!!

Good Evening fellow blogsters

Well I am getting really really annoyed with technology tonight!!!

I have just tried to leave comments on Coco's blog and Kathryn's but every time I have to type in my password... It keeps telling me I have the incorrect password.... AARRGGGHHH!!!!

Yet I can log-in to my blog and sign in to create this POST but I can't leave comments with it I AM ABSOLUTELY ANNOYED!!!

So Kathryn : Good on you for taking up some more study! And whoa... Philosophy that's heavy stuff!!! Good luck!!!

Coco: You made my mouth water with that tale of your childhood... You should write an autobiography.... Truly!!!

Which makes me want to comment on something I realised about myself just the other day... "By saying I CAN'T since my early childhood and being to afraid of what others think as a child and adolescent, has stopped me from achieving sooo much! My new mantra is "I CAN & I WILL" achieve what I want to do...

With that food for thought I will say

Goodnight! Mwa

March 12, 2009

Hello All My Blogg Friends

Well here is yet another sad (slightly selfish) story about the victorian bushfires! About a month ago I bid on and won a pair of very nice Red (my favourite colour) sling back high heels on Ebay! so I promptly paid for them and waited in anticipation for them to arrive!

After about 10 days I started to get annoyed (only a little). So I checked my pay pal transaction and it had gone 'unclaimed'. So then I was curious!!! So I checked where the item was... Bendigo Victoria! Then I started to worry... NOT about my shoes but about the seller's welfare! My next step was to contact the seller... So I sent her a message via E-mail! After no response from that I was very concerned... so I contacted E-bay! They told me to contact the seller... (and how to go about getting their contact information)...

I received an email from ebay with her details... but believe it or not couldn't bring myself to call her!

Eventually, I did call the number... only to be told, "Please check the number you are calling... this number cannot be connected..." I felt sick!

I have drawn the conclusion that my shoes have been destroyed... but I pray that the seller has only lost her possessions and not her life!!!

I have since contacted ebay and paypal and my order was automatically cancelled after 30days that the money went unclaimed! As much as I loved those shoes... I am happy to go barefoot if only the seller is safe!

So I suppose the 'moral' to this story is even though something as devistating as a horrific bushfire a fair way from home... can still impact you on a personal level! Even if it is an insignificant pair of shoes!!!

So for all those who pray... pray for my seller her name was Courtney... and everyone else affected by the fire! IF you don't pray light a candle in memory of those who fell during the fires and for all those left homeless and for all those people who are helping get those people back on their feet!

Also do me a favour and tell the ones you love that you love them... or give them a cuddle or something loving... We never ever know when our lives will end or when something devistating may happen... SO MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT!!!

Sorry for this little bit of sadness! But lets find the silver lining... even if it is to make our life more fullfilling and happy!