February 27, 2009

What a Week!

WELL fellow blog writers, HELLO THERE....

What a week or two have I had... Well not that exciting during the weekdays BUT last weekend was filled with friends and laughter! Friday Craig and I went to Naracoorte for the TAFE Graduation Dinner... Nice night EXCELLENT baked Lemon Meringue Cheesecake!!!! DIVINE... Apart from the cheesecake it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and have a child FREE day, evening, night and day... YAY!!!! A whole night sleep without little visitors!!! ALWAYS a welcome event! Thanks Maria for letting us stay at your place... The journey to and from naracoorte... Bliss... no fighting, whinging, whining, bored girls!

The week leading up to the trip I received my kit but didn't get the opportunity to have a good look....But on the Saturday Night after we got home I did just that... I spent the whole night assembling my stamps and watching "JAWS"... Then it was Sunday...

Donna got to my house round 9:45am and we headed off to the scrap booking and stamping fair, where we met up with: Sue, Jane, Kathryn and Trish... The best part of the day for me was taking those girls to 'Camelot Studios'... I think it is one of the BEST shops for paper craft supplies!!!! It just goes on and on with every nook and cranny ready to explore!!! Kathryn cracked me up we went to the shed to look at paper and all I could hear was Kathryn saying "OOH Susie look at this!" and various "oohs and arhhs!" I think it is safe to say that little excursion was worth it!!!

Then Ikea... Got My Kitchen Clock... Finally! Then after one very fun filled... full day it was time to go home! That night, after spending the night before assembling my stamps, I finally got to play with my new stamps! I must say I was very impressed by the "Stampin' Scrub" and "mist" Makes cleaning stamps very easy with less mess and NO wipes necessary!!! LOVE IT!

Then I placed my very first order... after a couple of practice runs... Yay! Now I am diligently waiting for the postman to bring it... I reckon it should be here Monday or Tuesday!

Went to the 'Caravan & Camping Show' yesterday and bought a shuttle chef... What's that I hear you say? Well it is made by "Thermos" and it is basically an non-electrical slow cooker! You cook up and simmer your food for a few minutes, pop it into the outer cooker shut the lid and come back in a few hours and dinner is cooked.... We have been thinking of getting one for ages. It will make dinner and breakfast (wake up to hot porridge) so much easier when camping! I hope! I made a rice pudding last night and it is yummy. I have got a casserole and vegies on for tonight! Bit more prep in morning... but if we get into camp later than planned at least we will have dinner waiting! Then clean up cook up porridge and hot breaky in the morning!

I hope I can get to play with my new stash some time today! By the way peoples I have got a retired list of stampin up products! Lots of stuff being farewelled... Only availiable until 31st march unless sold out earlier!!!


February 16, 2009

The importance of Honest FRIENDS

Hi there everyone!!!

Well I just had a grat E-mail from a friend!

I just reminds and confirms to one that a true friendship will let you say what you feel and think - either good bad or indifferent - and that friend if they are a true friend is honest back in their reply! And they still love you!!!

A true friend can withstand honesty... and be honest! Can laugh and cry with you! And can be their very best and their very worst with you! I appriciate that in all my friends... both close & not so close friends!

If you can't be honest and your true self with a person you have to ask is this person a true friend!

Sure we do hurt one another occasionally, or give advice when its not needed, or we are bossy, or complain and whinge a lot, sometimes Bitch or Gossip about someone - BUT in the end it boils down to who we are, we wouldn't be human if we didn't do these things and we wouldn't be honest with our selves either.

But True and Honest friendships can withstand all this and more!!!

That doesn't mean we deliberately try to hurt or bitch or gossip about people - but that is human nature...

We all come from different walks of life and we all have different life experiences - it is these things good and bad that makes us... us! Who would we be otherwise! And if you can say, "This person is my friend!" One accepts this person warts and all!

Well this is all so DEEP and meaningful for this time of the day... It is usually about midnight that I get this way!

I hope I haven't bored you ( or think i bitch or gossip about you)... That is certainly not the point!

Amazing what one e-mail can bring forth isn't it!

Just so you all KNOW I appriciate your friendship & love you all (warts and all)!!!

This isn't a mwa moment more of a BIG HUG moment so...

BIG HUG to all my friends.

February 14, 2009

Itching to get crafty!

Well my blog girls...

I have gone through my kit. Woo Hoo! now I feel a little overwhelmed with my options... Which stamp do I use first??? What technique do I do first??? I have chalks now and blend it pens which I have never used before... Hmmm! What colour paper quite a few to choose from? I need some time to just sit and organise and sort and create... i need organisation before I get messy... I am sure if not all most of you can relate to that! Yes Kathryn will do a demmo for you...not sure when but soon, will contact you soon when I have organised myself more!!!

All you lovely ladies would have received an email today... don't feel pressured... I wanted to get sending and writing an email practice and it is sort of impromptu! But I am excited !

Well you all take care of yourselves til next I catch up!!!

Luvs ya all!

February 12, 2009


This is just a quick little blog to all my fellow bloggers....

Today in the mail I received my.... "STAMPIN' UP" DEMONSTRAORS KIT!!!

Haven't opened the box yet I want to wait until the kids are in bed so I can truly enjoy the experience!!! HE HE HE... Sure am excited though!

Guess I will Have to get making so i can do a demo!!!! Anyone interested in coming to my first demo or haveing one!!!!

Happy happy Joy Joy!!!!

February 10, 2009

Very happy with latest EBAY wins

Well Hi there everyone in Blog land!

In the last couple of days I have been shopping on EBAY and was very excited to find a pair of Red Slingback High heels in my Size (11)! They look so cool (not the cold sort of cool). So I put on a bid and won them at $19.51! I find it very hard to find shoes that are nice and in my size!!! Thanks very much Amelia... You changed mummy's Feet!

The other purchases where 2 handbags! One is a dinky little limegreen beaded evening number! Very Different - it makes a statement thats for sure! The other one can't describe as well... but it has a long strap and it is made out of a pretty snow leopard and pink rose printed fabric... Can't wait to actually lay my hands on it!

Slowly over the last couple of days I have had a couple of other things come... A sixpence for next years Christmas Pud (have lost most of mine so topping up the supply)... A stamp set that I am going to put in a box for the girls so that they have their own stash and won't touch mine!!! A grey and silver top which looks nice on but will feel more comfortable in it when I have lost a couple more Kilos! Might wear it to the Tafe Grad dinner in a couple of weeks!

Still waiting for a mystery box of scrapbooking stuff... that should be here soon!

Well thats about all I have to say! Except I better be a good girl and stay off ebay for about a month... I have blown my ebay budget!




February 6, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!... I now have a blog! My dear darling Donna has sat here with me the last two hours and assisted me in setting up my Blog! Fanx donna... mwa!

So we now have a comupter, I have become a member on face book, have an e-mail address and have purchased on ebay!!! As Kathryn said, "Welcome to the 21st Century!" So I am very excited 'cos now I can keep in touch with everyone and everyone's news!

I haven't been up to much as I have glued my bum to the chair and been either on the internet (and when my gig ran out) or playing hearts... inbetween looking after the kids, going to the gym and sleeping!

Well Ta Ta for now, keep healthy, happy and smilin' til my next post (see i am begining to learn the lingo!) LOL... mwa