July 28, 2009

We're Back....

Well HELLO everyone.... Long time no Technology!

We are BACK... It was a quick 4 weeks and JAM packed with things to see! We travelled 8223km and I managed to take 1012 photos! Well i wont tell you all the details at once I will spread it over the next week or 3... don't worry I won't post ALL my photos!!!

We started our trip at 6:04pm on Friday the of June and headed to Burra - where we stayed with my sister-in-law for the night. We did this so we could get an early and head start!

Fully Loaded and ready to go 9am Burra (no we aren't on a slope I had to take it on an angle to fit it all in):

Amelia enjoying a Milkshake at 'Bell's Milk Bar' in Broken Hill, it opened in the 50's and hasn't changed since it opened, they make their own syrups and they are very Yummy - my favourite is a 'White Night' Spearmint and Chocolate!:

When I first started going camping 20 years ago I would do a Bush Wee but not 2's I would hang on til a public toilet - BUT now I am quite happy to dig a hole! LOL:

This is our accommodation for our 2nd Night - Bush camp at 8 Mile Creek somewhere between Packsaddle and Broken Hill - Nice Sunrise!

Self-portrait of Craig Myself and Chelsea (Don't you love Craig's Hat he looks like he has hair):

Amelia didn't stay clean long she found the DIRT very early on in the trip!:

The Creek bed we camped next too... I love creek beds they are very picturesque!

Well that's all for now... Stay tuned for the next installment!!!
Love Me