May 17, 2009

New Blogspot!!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Just For Your Information....

Here is the address for my new blogspot. It is the site where you can see any new information, promotions and my creative ideas for the "Stampin' Up" range of rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies!

So save it to your bloglists and check it out! There isn't much there yet but keep your eye on it!

May 15, 2009


This is a picture of a sunset taken on Frecinet Penninsula the very last night we were camping in Tassie...It's my favourite!! I just thought I would share because I just worked out how to put photo's on my blog!

May 8, 2009

Where has all the time gone!

Well HI There Everyone!

Where has April and May for that matter gone???
I didn't think I have been that busy but I suppose I have been!
Beginning of April started with a fun trip to Naracoorte for Kathryn's Birthday and my first workshop! I had Good Time!
Then it was off to Melbourne for Easter! had a fabulous time there catching up with Old friends! We went 4WD on the Saturday and I EVEN drove through a huge Muddy boggy hole TWICE!!! got bogged the second time but it was sooo fun! My friend Nic got it on video! So evidence does exist somewhere! Must get her to download it onto facebook! WOO HOO!

Then it was School holidays, Chelsea's 4th Birthday, Sarah's 8th Birthday and back to school! Phew!!! But then it was MAY!!!! Off to Naracoorte again for 2 workshops! But I got to catch up with a lot of people which was sooooo nice to see all (most) of my friends even if it was only briefly!!!

Now I have the rest of may to look forward too! Catching up with Donna, 'The budding Artist' (her canvas is fantastic!) next Friday which will be great... haven't had a catch up since we went to Naracoorte beginning of April! And if we can Wrangle it I will catch up with my dear Coco when she comes to Adelaide... hopefully we can take a trip to "Camelot's"! Better SAVE my MONEY!!!! Also, Sue will be in town soon and I really would be honored if she comes and stays! That would also be a big Highlight to May!!!

Well hopefully I won't be soooo long between blogs!!!

So until next time, stay happy, healthy and loved!