June 8, 2009

Never Ever Leave.....

Never ever leave... a two year old alone, unsupervised for 5 minutes when there is a permanent marker in the vicinity!!!
She was very very pleased with her achievements!!!
However, I wasn't.... I had no idea how to get it off!!! So out with the metho!?!? It was all I could think of. So, tissue, metho wipe OMG... it just smudged it AND spread it! It took many tissues and I ran out of metho before I finished... So she was left with a big grey bruise like smudge over most of her tummy!
She has child care the next day! Lucky they know she has a love for drawing all over herself!!! LOL
Need I say More!!!
Loves ya all
p.s. Yes i must apologise when I took the photos i did not notice the snot running out of her nose... It is such a commmon thing I am blind to it... he he he!